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Tokey, Ahmad Ilderim, and Shefa Arabia Shioma. 2022. “Spatial Association Between Dog Ownership and Crime Rate in New York City.” Findings, July. https://doi.org/10.32866/001c.37094.
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  • Figure 1. Spatial distribution of dog ownership per 100 families in 2019 (left) and annual property crime rate in 2016-2018 (right) in zip areas of New York city
  • Figure 2. The local coefficient estimates of crime rate (left) and t-statistics (right)


This paper identifies the spatial relationship between dog ownership and the property crime rate in New York City. This zip-code level study reveals that the dog ownership rate in 2019 positively correlates with the crime rate in past three years (2016-2018). It also finds that areas with high poverty rates, high proportions of Asian and Black people, and larger households (more than two) have lower dog-ownership rates than their counterparts. Areas with denser sidewalks also correlate with high dog-ownership rates. The finding underscores the role of dogs in increasing the feeling of safety in high crime rate areas.

Accepted: July 14, 2022 AEST