\(a\): A typical link
\(p\): A typical path
\(w\): A typical demand market
\(n_M\): Possible production locations
\(n_D\): Distribution centers for storage
\(J\): Number of demand markets
\(W\): Set of demand markets
\(\rho_w\): Price at a demand market \(w\)
\(\rho\): A vector of prices
\(\hat c_a\): Total cost on link \(a\)
\(\hat c\): A vector of total costs
\(\alpha_a\): A positive productivity factor of link \(a\) reflecting how much an hour of labor will yield in terms of product flow on that link
\(\alpha\): A vector of link productivity factors
\(\bar l\): Bound on labor, which will be a vector if the constraints are on individual links [@126302; @126303]
\(\pi_a\): Wage on link \(a\)
\(\pi\): A vector of wages that are paid for an hour of labor on a link