Participant ID Specialized sector Years of Experience
Health Professionals
H1 Public Health Researcher (area of expertise: infectious disease) 13
H2 Practicing Medical Doctor and Health Researcher 15
H3 Health Economist 20
H4 Epidemiologist 23
H5 Public Health Researcher and Policy Analyst 12
H6 Health Researcher and Social Scientist 15
H7 Public Health Policy Analyst 16
Transport/ Urban Planning Professionals
TU1 Architect and Urban Planner 30
TU2 Sustainable Transport Advocate, NGO 14
TU3 Environmental Advocate, NGO 18
TU4 Transport Planning Researcher 18
TU5 Academic: Transport Planning 17
TU6 Academic: Urban Planning 16
TU7 Traffic Engineer and Accident Researcher 08
TU8 Urban Planner 19
TU9 Academic: Transport Planning 22
TU10 Transportation Expert/Consultatnt 34