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Widita, Alyas Abibawa, Dyah Titisari Widyastuti, and Ikaputra. 2021. “When the Train Finally Comes:  Impact of New Transit Opening on Urban Kampung Residents’ Personal Motorized Vehicle Use.” Findings, December.
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  • Figure 1. Study area
  • Figure 2. Respondents’ self-assessed travel habits before and after the MRT Jakarta’s opening


We estimate the impact of the opening of Indonesia’s first subway– the MRT Jakarta – on urban kampung residents’ personal motorized vehicle use. We employed a quasi-experimental approach through a two-wave panel survey. We assigned residents living within the designated TOD boundaries into a treatment group and those living farther away into a control group. Using difference-in-differences models, we find insignificant effects of the MRT Jakarta opening where treatment respondents logged 7.5 fewer weekly vehicle kilometers traveled than control counterparts. There was no substantial difference in the respondents’ self-assessed travel habits between treatment and control groups.

Accepted: December 03, 2021 AEST