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Wang, Haiyun, Glen Searle, Siqin Wang, and Yan Liu. 2021. “Understanding Residential Relocation Choices in Coastal Cities in the Face of Climate Change.” Findings, June. https://doi.org/10.32866/001c.23722.
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  • Figure 1. The distribution of relocation choices responding to flood risks among different population groups
  • Figure 2. Preference of dwelling types in different flood risk areas by survey respondents


Climate change poses risks of inundation to low-lying coastal cities and may cause residential relocation and change in housing demand. Taking the City of Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia as a case study, this paper reports on a survey that investigates the potential responses of residents living in the coastal city to flood risks and how the responses may relate to their socio-economic status. Through a combined online and mail-based survey, our data show that people’s perceptions of flooding have an important impact on their relocation choices. Their perceptions and relocation choices are associated with their socio-economic background. Furthermore, residents’ preferences of dwelling types appear to be affected by the level of flood risks we hypothesise in the survey. The findings from this study provide empirical evidence for future residential zoning and urban development.

Accepted: May 10, 2021 AEST