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Winkler, Caroline, and Kay W. Axhausen. 2024. “How Do the Swiss Spend Their Time?” Findings, March. https://doi.org/10.32866/001c.108600.
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  • Figure 1. Daily time use in major activities across the US, Germany and Switzerland by gender
  • Figure 2. Engagement in unpaid work activities based on gender and parenthood status (Mean and 95% CI; note differing scales)
  • Figure 3. Distribution of percent participation in paid work by WFH possibility status
  • Figure 4. Work location frequency by day of the week
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Time use statistics are widely documented in order to track societal trends. The most reliable and widely used collection method for time use data are diaries in which a person documents all activities participated in for a given period. This study uncovers daily time use patterns across the entire adult population of German-speaking Switzerland with such data. The findings are the first diary-based account of time use for the region and illuminate important differences between genders and based on parenthood status in terms of paid and unpaid work, as well as working from home.

Accepted: March 14, 2024 AEST